ToshibaNano Coating Technology

With this technology, get enhanced corrosion-free service life, better unit efficiency and improved unit performance.

ToshibaHigh Airflow

Quicker cooling and effective cross-space ventilation – make both of these yours with the Toshiba Hi-Wall Inverter Air Conditioners unit.

ToshibaEnergy and Cost Savings
Select 100% to use the air conditioner at full capacity, select 75% or 50% to improve your savings by reducing the power consumption and your electricity bill.

ToshibaDC Inverter Technology
With Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) powered by DC Inverter Technology, get high-power, energy-efficient and energy-saving performance.

ToshibaSelf-Clean Mechanism
We pamper you with our self-clean advantage as the fan motor remains on and cleans the blower, preventing any mold formation even after the system is shut down from the handset.

ToshibaQuiet Performance
A sound air conditioner doesn’t need to make its presence known. It just works; in this case at 23 dB(A) with unique incline-designed fan blades.

ToshibaEfficient Ambient Temperature Operation
The Toshiba Hi-Wall Inverter Air Conditioners delivers efficient cooling even at ambient temperatures up to 52°C.

ToshibaStabilizer-Free Operations
Operates without an additional stabilizer in a wide voltage range of 160 V – 265 V.

ToshibaGreater Power in Performance
Select your desired comfort, whether it is gentle cooling or full cooling in high power mode, with the five-fan speed option.

ToshibaYou Control Your Cooling
Customize your cooling experience with the on-off timer: Four settings in a day, seven programs in a week.

ToshibaPreset Favorites
Easily store your desired settings and activate them at the touch of a button.

ToshibaFlexible Swing Operations
Choose where your air flows by selecting your desired direction with the Swing and Fix Louver.

ToshibaEnhanced Sleep Quality
Activate the Comfort Sleep button and feel your air conditioner compensate for the naturally lower night air temperature.

ToshibaEasy Maintenance
The components of Toshiba Hi-Wall Inverter Air Conditioners unit are easy to remove and reassemble with detailed maintenance procedures which ensures energy savings, faster cooling and cleaner air.



The new Toshiba inverter air-conditioner is another level of technology that has been developed for your lifestyle today, tomorrow and for the future. The new modern design creates fresh air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption, and easier control with just one touch. An advanced technology that you can breathe, touch and experience.


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